Monday, December 1, 2008

Cross Your Fingers, and Toes, and Eyes and....

So, tomorrow I am sending off my first REQUESTED chapters, synopsis, and biographical sketch. It's one of those things where I want this so badly, that I almost don't want to send it because then it could be rejected. BUT, some of my unofficial fan club members have assured me that this is destined to happen; that this is a page turner which will sell millions. Once again, I don't know about millions. I'd just like to be able to write and have people enjoy it. So, tomorrow at about 10:15am PST, I'll be in line at the post office waiting to send my 'baby' to a girl that I hope appreciates it for all it could become. I have alot of faith in this agent...she's a UCD grad, so according to my husband (a fellow alum) she's brilliant. :) I just hope I've done my part to sell it to her. Once again, cross your fingers and say a prayer. I'll keep you posted.


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dark-huntress said...

If we have to bind the books ourselves, they WILL be flying off shelves! In a moment or two I'm going to rush off to my room and cross the fingers of every stuffed animal I have (that has fingers) for extra good luck. Hey, maybe you'll win the lottery too with all that crossing going on. How could you not with all this fan support? It takes real skill to gain a fanclub before you're even published. You hear that agents, she's special. So there.

Oh, and good luck since I apparently forgot that part. :>