Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now That that's Done...

So I've sent off my manuscript to the agent who requesteed it, and have my fingers crossed. I, of course, did one more 'once over' of the entire book, and was able to significantly trim off excess which didn't impact the story of Emma and Warner at all. I lost about 50 pages, or 12,000 words. It was liberating. :)

I am also excited to say that now that my book is 100% dialed in, I am focusing on the sequel, "At Last We're Getting Married." I'm very pumped and hope that Rachel LOVES the book and characters as much as I do (and you, as well, my fabulous followers!).


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Watch Out for the Flying Pigs! :)

So, exciting news! I had an agent request my full manuscript! How elated am I? So, this has been a GREAT day! I just wanted to let you all know. Keep your fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for me. I'll keep you updated. :)