Saturday, November 15, 2008

Someday My Agent Will Come

So, another rejection. Not horribly bad, just another 'not right for this agency.' Actually, she said it was '...a tad too sweet...' for her taste. She said she liked love stories with women's empowerment a little darker; with more grit. If there is one thing I don't think I have in regards to that story, it's grit. I did however come across something that made my spirit soar!

When I was revamping my query and researching a few more agents the other night, I stumbled across a site for 'Good Girls Lit'. It's the 'counter culture' to Chick-Lit which is the genre with women that can basically have it all-the hot guy, the great job, the nice car, the trip to Europe, all while being witty, intelligent and beautiful, but it's riddled with promiscuity and profanity. When I had pitched my book to a few agents about 3 years ago, they said that it sounded good, but weren't interested unless I put sex in it- there was no such thing as clean chick lit. I told them that was impossible, and I couldn't compromise my characters (really me and Warren) just to get my book read by them, and possibly published. As you can tell (by the fact I've never been on Oprah's couch reading a chapter of my book) that was the end of that.

BUT, with this find, I discovered 3 books by Amy Doyle and May Vanderbilt called "Emily Ever After", The Book of Jane," and "Consider Lily". I was estatic because after reading reviews, and snippets off of Amazon, these sounded like my book(s). It was clean Chick-Lit. I felt validated; as if there are really people out there who will read good wholesome romance- not bodice ripping,hide the provacative cover, don't let your daughter catch you reading it-romance.

So, while I'm typing away, and someone is reading another of my query's that was sent via this glorious free postal service called the internet, give an inward "Yippee" for all the women out there who feel that romance and love doesn't have to be the aforementioned bodice ripping experience. It can also be sweet, first kiss, butterflies in your stomach mushiness that makes you smile, and not want to hang up the phone. And while you're celebrating this new movement of love, cross your fingers and wish me luck. It's a jungle out there. :)

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