Thursday, November 20, 2008

Emma in a Nut Shell-

This is one of my favorite quotes from Chapter 1, because we've all been there...that instant where if we'd planned just a smidge better, it would turn out like a dream and not a nightmare. It never goes the way we want it too, does it? Food for thought. :)


"Let me interrupt for a second. Have you ever had a moment, one that seems to have been scripted in the stars, where you dream the most gorgeous creature walks up to you and says “Hello.” How would you react? Well, if this was still a dream, you’d be wearing your skinny jeans, have on the perfect sweater that sets off the natural highlights in your hair, and be just the right blend of witty and flirtatious to make him drool. Yea, this wasn't one of those moments."

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dark-huntress said...

I personally loved that line. It is the perfect example of why your book fits to so many different types of women. It allows us all to relate to the character and, corny as it sounds, gives us the hope of a happy ending too. (Besides that, Em just has the most adorable witty lines that make us love her even more. She sounds like someone else I know.) (HINT HINT)