Monday, February 9, 2009

SDSU Writing Conference-2009

It was a wonderful weekend. Susan and I made it for the opening reception and met some interesting characters right off the bat. But, it was alot of fun. We had a great morning Saturday. The agent I specifically went to meet gave me some great tips and encouragement. She said she remembered my previoius submission and that I had a very strong voice and was a strong story teller.

I met another agent who encouraged me to submit to her as well, and found an editor that I clicked well with. Hopefully all will work out, and things will progress.


Julie Poplawski said...

Congratulations!! I was at the conference too (non-fiction diet) I love your blog the music is awesome! Good luck with your submissions, v exciting!! (you can see my stuff at

Jordyn said...

Congrats! I was at the conference too (writing YA) and got some great feedback/met some wonderful people. What are you writing? Women's fiction? (Just guessing by the title.)